LaTeS: Language Teacher Symposium




CERCLL hosts a biannual day-long symposium at which K-12 language teachers can share ideas and issues that are specific to their community. Arizona Continuing Education is available.

CERCLL is grateful to the University of Arizona’s College of Humanities for its contribution to LaTeS.


Fall 2020 LaTeS – Format change due to the pandemic

See the webinar to be presented by Cherice Montgomery on November 7, 2020:

Crafting Competing Experiences: The Power of Stories, Scaffolding, and Sharing


There are several other webinars being offered in two series this Fall as well. See the details here.



Spring 2020 LaTeS – Cancelled due to the pandemic

The Art of Integrated, Literacy-based Lesson Planning

Presented by Cherice Montgomery (Brigham Young University)



Teaching students to how to communicate in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes can be a challenge.  This workshop offers a step-by-step process for designing multidimensional, literacy-based lessons that skillfully transform textbook materials into artfully integrated masterpieces of language, content, and culture.  Workshop participants will learn to:  (1) engage learners with the academic content embedded in culturally authentic texts; (2) employ interactive simulations and other content-based activities to develop learners’ critical thinking and discussion skills; (3) expand the complexity of students’ language by counterbalancing attention to language and content in informational texts (4) encourage students’ success with practical strategies for scaffolding language production.  Participants are encouraged to bring several culturally authentic texts for the classes they teach, along with a laptop, tablet, or iPad.


LaTeS 2019 Archive

Francis Troyan, Genre Matters in Contextualized World Language Learning, and Kristin Davin, Strengthening your Core: Practices to Support Students' Language Development. Fall 2019 LaTeS, November 16: Genre Matters in Contextualized World Language Learning Presented by...

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LaTeS 2018 Archive

Jacque Van Houten, Leveraging the Power of the Language and Intercultural Can-Dos; and Donna Clementi, Planning with the End in Mind: Performance toward Proficiency. Fall 2018 LaTeS, November 3: Leveraging the Power of the Language and Intercultural Can-Dos Presented...

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LaTeS 2017 Archive

Pamela Wesely, Social Justice in the Language Classroom: A New Lens on Learning; and Toni Theisen, Activating Communication: Designing Learning and Creating Meaningful Assessments. Fall 2017 LaTeS Social Justice in the Language Classroom: A New Lens on Learning...

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LaTeS 2016 Archive

Jennifer Wortzel, Learning Stations: From Impact to Application; and Brenda Gaver, You don't Need to be High Tech to get your Students Engaged!   Fall 2016 : Learning Stations: From Impact to Application Presented by Jennifer Wortzel (Basha High School, Chandler,...

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LaTeS 2015 Archive

Nicole Naditz, Technology Tools that Build Language and Interculturality; and Laura Terrill, Planning for Learning: Effective Unit and Lesson Design. Fall 2015: Technology Tools that Build Language and Interculturality Participants joined an award-winning world...

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LaTeS 2014 Archive

The first LaTeS event took place on March 8, 2014, on the University of Arizona campus in the Integrated Learning Center (ILC) room 119, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A certificate for 7 hours of Continuing Education was offered. Speakers in 2014 were: Carmen King de Ramírez,...

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