LaTeS: Language Teacher Symposium




CERCLL hosts a biannual day-long symposium at which K-12 language teachers can share ideas and issues that are specific to their community. Arizona Continuing Education is available.

CERCLL is grateful to the University of Arizona’s College of Humanities for its contribution to LaTeS.




Title: Creating an LGBTQ+-Inclusive Learning Environment for All Learners in the Language Classroom and Beyond

Presenter: Ben Fisher-Rodriguez

Event Date: April 27, 2024

Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (includes lunch)

Location: In-person at The University of Arizona, Tucson. (There are no remote access options for this event.)

Registration is free! Last day to register is April 24th, space is limited.


Limited funding for travel is available for full-time K12 teachers and graduate students. The application deadline is April 19th 2024 and is now closed. 

Thank you to the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Center for Latin American Studies, and Arizona International for their contributions to these awards!

Spring 2024 LaTeS Testimonials

See what attendees found most beneficial about this workshop.

“The questions for discussion and the discussion part was very beneficial.”

“Helpful resources and networking!”

“The facility was impressive, especially with the 4 screens, the presenter was knowledgeable, organized and sensitive to his audience. The materials was important as were the activities he used. The staff involved in supporting the presentation were friendly and helpful and, I must add, the lunch was very impressive! Thank you for providing this opportunity to educators in Arizona. Sadly, it should be required of all educators to have this experience.”

“Incorporating LGBTQIA+ stories into the curriculum.”

“Knowledge about inclusive language.”

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