A new open educational resource website Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Second Language Teaching (DEI-SLT) has been created as a CERCLL resource, by Juan Godoy-Peñas (University of Cincinnati) and Claudia Quevedo-Webb (University of Chicago).

The website holds resources detailing how to create a curriculum that combines the teaching of languages and social justice topics, as well as examples of pedagogical materials that are ready to be used and modified for educators’ own classrooms. Resources and materials will be added periodically.

The website also allows teachers to get involved and share their own materials with other instructors as they relate to the intersection of language and social justice. Submit materials for any language!

Learn more about these new resources in one of the Intercultural Competence Conference workshops on January 27th, 2022:

  • Social Justice, ICC and Local Communities in Basic Language Programs, presented by Juan Antonio Godoy Peñas and Claudia Quevedo-Webb. The presenters will connect intercultural communicative competence, social justice topics and Hispanic Local Communities in Basic Language Programs, guiding the participants through a unit plan template on how to combine these elements.


➣  Access the DEI-SLT website here.