CERCLL offers professional development opportunities to K-16 foreign and second language teachers throughout the year in the form of workshops wherein research is connected with practice. The workshops are developed and offered with the support, in part, of the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI Language Resource Center program. Support also comes from the College of Education, the College of Humanities, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona, as well as other sponsors of individual events.


Summer Workshops Series

Since its inception, CERCLL has offered summer workshops in which research and theory are linked with practical applications for the language classroom. In these workshops, University of Arizona faculty and faculty from other institutions share what they have learned through their research and teaching with participants. Each workshop includes discussion, hands-on activities, and opportunities for networking with colleagues.

CERCLL summer workshop participants come from the U.S. and beyond. They often include foreign and second language teachers as well language program directors and language teacher educators. We thank all those who joined us at these events. Read more about previous years workshops above.

The summer workshops take place on the University of Arizona campus from 9 am to 4 pm each day, generally with a break for lunch at Noon (though this is often a working lunch). Participants may attend one, all, or any number of the workshops in the series. Attendance is free, but everyone must register; seating is limited, so registering early is advised to secure your space.

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➣ The Summer 2020 series was postponed because of the pandemic and we hope to re-schedule those days to take place in Summer 2021. The series already scheduled for Summer 2021 will focus upon STEM integration in language teaching and learning.


2018 Summer Institute

CERCLL offered two professional development opportunities in summer 2018-- a workshop series, Literacy in the Wild: Getting Foreign Language Learners out of the Classroom and into the World (June 4-8), and a summer institute, Reading Globally: Critical Issues in...

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2018 Summer Workshop Series

Two summer series are offered in 2018-- a workshop series, Literacy in the Wild: Getting Foreign Language Learners out of the Classroom and into the World (June 4-8), and a summer institute, Reading Globally: Critical Issues in Global Literature for Children and...

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2017 Summer Workshop Series

Visual, Media and Digital Literacies in the Foreign Language Classroom The 2017 CERCLL Summer Workshop series will focus on the ways in which different forms of literacy can be incorporated into the language classroom. All workshops take place on the University of...

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2016 Summer Workshop Series

  Texts Across Contexts: Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures The 2016 CERCLL Summer Workshops focus on language learning through texts across various cultural and pedagogical contexts. The diverse set of workshops share in common an emphasis on the ways in...

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2015 Summer Workshop Series

Flagship Teacher Training Series, May 26 - June 5 (participants applied and were accepted into the program in April), and two independent workshops on June 5 and June 6. Friday, June 5 Engaging K-12 Students in Global Children’s and Adolescent Literature 9:00 a.m. –...

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2014 Summer Workshop Series

For a PDF version of the summer brochure, click here.    Monday June 2, 2014 Engaging K-12 Students in Global Inquiry through Fiction and Nonfiction Literature (6 hours, 9am - 4pm) Presenters include: Kathy G. Short, Richard Clift, Ke Huang, Mi-Kyoung Chang,...

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2012 Summer Workshops Series

May 29-30, 2012 Speaking of Grants: Funding Possibilities for Language Educators Presenter: Dr. Susan Penfield (CERCLL, University of Arizona) Download the presentation slides and other materials from Day 1 and Day 2 of this workshop This workshop focused specifically...

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2011 Summer Workshops Series

May 31st - June 1st Playing Stories and Reading Games: Developing L2 Literacies through Digital Gaming Presenters: Jonathon Reinhardt (University of Arizona) and Julie Sykes (University of New Mexico) See an updated version of this presentation about gaming and...

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