This set of open resources was created by Dr. Kris Aric Knisely (University of Arizona) to support language educators in engaging with trans knowledges and proactively planning for gender justice. It guides these educators in teaching gender-inclusive and non-binary language (INL) in ways that engage with trans knowledges and are increasingly affirming to trans, nonbinary, and other non-cis people. Specifically, strategies for proactively planning to teach INL and for resistance thereto are presented via a number of open educational resources (OERs), which have been informed by recent research that outlines the numerous benefits of teaching INL.

These resources were supported in part by a CERCLL Faculty Research Fellowship that was awarded to Dr. Knisely in 2021.

The website, as well as a white paper and infographics, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

➣ Access the Gender-Just Language Education Project here.

In Spring 2022, Dr. Knisely presented the The Gender-Just Language Education Project, in a webinar hosted by CERCLL. It began with an introduction to gender-just language pedagogies. Then, extending the critical ethical impetus for inclusion, Knisely outlined recent research that demonstrates the ways in which gender-just pedagogies can support holistic linguistic, intercultural, and symbolic competence development as well as intersectional thinking. Alongside a discussion of reasons for and ways to proactively plan for gender-justice, Knisely discussed ways of proactively planning for resistance thereto. This discussion was supported by the new suite of open educational resources, which will allow attendees to build upon the content introduced in the webinar.