June 13th – 14th

Lesson Delivery in Student Centered Instruction: Putting Students First

Presenter: Linda Landrum

Participants will learn strategies to encourage student-centered learning in an integrative learning environment in which students may self-learn and peer-teach one another. A portion of the workshop will be dedicated to creating a plan of action to incorporate students into lesson delivery.


June 16th

Writing Systems of the World

Presenter: Timothy Vance

This workshop will introduce the history of writing and the way that writing systems work, providing the background to several modules on writing systems. Participants receive materials for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. The afternoon session covers the Chinese writing module in depth.


June 17th

Heritage Language Learners in the Foreign Language Class: Recognizing Resources and Overcoming Challenges

Presenter:Sara Beaudrie

This workshop addresses student identification, assessing competence level, and key pedagogical and sociolinguistic issues necessary for a successful mixed heritage/foreign language class.

Game to Learn

Presenters: Ken McAllister and Judd Ruggill

Participants in this workshop will learn how to inexpensively design and implement custom foreign language (FL) games using off-the-shelf computer game development tools. Techniques may include in-game FL dialogues, texts, and puzzles.


June 18th

Technology and Language Instruction

Presenters: Gary Forger and Wayne Brent

This workshop will discuss technological tools, integrating curriculum requirements, and strategies for supplementing learning. Two University of Arizona projects will be emphasized (MaxAuthor and OLÉ), as well as systems such as YouTube and iTunes.

Constructing Proficiency with Moodle

Presenters:  Karen Philabaum-Maginnis and Kathy Locke

This presentation and hands-on practice will explore Moodle, a free open-source course management system. It will focus on how students use the collaborative aspects: chats, IM, blogs, forums, and wikis.