Incorporating Translation in the World Language Classroom
A Teacher’s Guide to Best Practice

by Dr. Sonia Colina and Sarah Albrecht, University of Arizona.

Published as an OER in 2021, this handbook is designed to help teachers incorporate translation into their world language classroom as a mediational tool for student acquisition of linguistic and cultural meaning. For the purposes of this manual, translation is understood as a process of mediation across languages rather than linguistic transfer or equivalence.

Section 1 presents the historical background of translation in the classroom, followed by a justification of the reintroduction of translation in the classroom in section 2. Section 3 provides an overview of how to incorporate translation into the classroom, and section 4 offers lesson plans with explanations of how to use them. The handbook ends with section 5, a series of additional translation activities for educators to apply on their own.


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This volume was produced by a CERCLL project led by Regents Professor Sonia Colina, Cross-Cultural Thinking Through Translation and Interpretation. A webinar recording can be found on the project page, further explaining how to use the handbook published here.