Exploring International and Intercultural Understanding through Global Literature by Susan Corapi and Kathy Short, provides examples of how K-12 teachers work together in study groups to integrate global children’s and adolescent literature in their schools. The guide includes links to teacher vignettes that provide rich details of classroom experiences and books that encourage global perspectives along with structures for teacher study groups

Offered open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, the guide can be downloaded here.

This guide grew out of Dr. Short’s work with CERCLL, and a project funded by a grant from the Longview Foundation for International Affairs to Worlds of Words at the University of  Arizona. The grant funded Global Literacy Communities—25 pre-kindergarten to high school educator study groups from 19 U.S. states—that met for a period of one to three years. Their goal was to use global children’s and adolescent literature to develop international understanding among students and teachers. Each group received a grant
to support their inquiry. Teachers met regularly in local study groups, worked with students in their
classrooms, and shared their experiences with colleagues from other Global Literacy Communities via
an online forum. Additional details can be found on the Worlds of Words website.

This project fed into the Global Literacy Communities that are funded for year-long collaborative activities between 2018 and 2022.