We are pleased to announce the recipients of two CERCLL fellowship programs. Click on the fellowship program subtitles for abstracts and further details about the projects to be funded and the materials that will be available on CERCLL’s website next year.

CERCLL Faculty Research Fellow Program:

  • Andrew Carnie, Department of Linguistics, Dean/Vice Provost for Graduate Education, with Jonathon Reinhardt, Department of English – Virtual and Interactive Experiences for Increasing Communicative and Cultural Competencies in Scottish Gaelic
  • Emily Hellmich, Department of French & Italian, with Kimberly Vinall, De Anza College – Translating Machine Translation: Pedagogical Guidelines Based on Student Use
  • Narges Nematollahi, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies – Developing an Online Theme-Based Picture Dictionary for Learners of Persian


CERCLL Graduate Fellows:

  • Mariana Centanin Bertho, PhD Candidate in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching – Supporting Oral Production and Comprehension of L2/L3 Portuguese Learners
  • Anna Fomchenko Buchanan, MA Candidate in Russian – Students’ Motivation in a Hybrid Language Class


With gratitude to the funders of the CERCLL Fellows programs, including the University of Arizona’s College of Humanities, and the Office for Research, Innovation and Impact; and to the scientific review committee members for 2020: Mahmoud Azaz, Ana Carvalho, Beatrice Dupuy, David Gramling, Chantelle Warner, and Sunyoung Yang.