We are pleased to announce the recipients of two CERCLL fellowship programs. Click on the fellowship program subtitles for abstracts and further details about the projects to be funded and the materials that will be available on CERCLL’s website next year.

CERCLL Faculty Fellows:

  • Julieta Fernandez, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, with Janice McGregor, Department of German Studies: Discourses of Access to Study Abroad
  • Hongyi Jia, Department of East Asian Studies: Curricular Development of K-12 Chinese Immersion Program in Arizona
  • Blaine Smith, Department of Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies: Collaborative Multimodal Composing in Multilingual Classrooms


CERCLL Graduate Fellows:

  • Alyeh Mehin, PhD Candidate in Middle East and North African Studies, Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, and Anthropology: Teaching Culture in Persian Language Classrooms: Material Design
  • Bruna Sommer, Candidate in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching: Materials to Develop Genre Awareness in Foreign Language Classes


With gratitude to the funders of the CERCLL Fellows programs: the University of Arizona’s College of Humanities and Office for Research, Development and Innovation. There will be an announcement in the Fall about a new CERCLL Undergraduate Fellowship Program.