L2 Literacy in Action

Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday

Produced with the Center for Open Educational Resources in Language Learning (COERLL), this is an archive of literacy-based and tagged materials in several languages, with an educators’ handbook demonstrating their use.

Social Networking for Intercultural Competence

Provides language educators with pedagogical strategies and practical suggestions for implementing social networking sites (SNSs) and social media for intercultural competence in beginner and intermediate FL courses.

Multiliteracies at the Museum

The Multiliteracies at the Museum handbook facilitates genre awareness, visual literacy, and critical intercultural thinking in a new language. Its lesson plans are models for language and culture teachers who want to integrate multiliteracies as multisensory, aesthetic classroom experiences.

Framework for Scaffolding FL Students’ Digital Multimodal Composing

IN DEVELOPMENT: Beginning in Summer 2023, this project is developing materials to support FL students’ digital multimodal composing processes.

L2 Multimodal Literacies Symposium

The L2 Multimodal Literacies Symposium (L2ML) in Spring 2023 brought together educators and scholars wishing to explore the role of multimodality in contexts of second or multiple language and culture learning. Digital presentations were available to symposium regitrants online during and after the event. They will be coming to CERCLL’s YouTube channel in Fall 2023.

Multiliteracies Language Teaching In World Language Classrooms

IN DEVELOPMENT: This project is creating open access videos modeling multiliteracy core practices, with additional pedagogical materials and a Professional Learning Online Network Space (PLONS).


The Multilingual Academic Corpus of Assignments – Writing & Speech (MACAWS) is a corpus of assignments (texts, spoken discourse, multimedia products) by Portuguese and Russian learners, and a repository of pedagogical artifacts. Webinars and guides explain their use.