Resources for K12 Teachers

Continuing Education and digital credentials are available for participants in many of the Professional Development initiatives, and for teachers who create OERs from the experiences.

Worlds of Experience (WELL)

Worlds of Experience (WELL) collaboratively constructs and designs Virtual Field Experiences (VFEs) to promote global understanding in K12 classrooms. Teachers are trained in the technology to create these experiences and receive equipment to support their work.

Professional Learning Online Network Spaces (PLONS)

Our Professional Learning Online Network Spaces (PLONS) allow educators to work collaboratively on developing curricula in guided environments. Calls for PLONS are announced at intervals, and the working groups last from a few months to a year. A guide for best practices in organizing PLONS will be coming in Fall 2023.

Reading Globally

Reading Globally, for K-8 educators, has created language and culture kits in many world regions, with ongoing teacher training. Free guides demonstrate best practices in global literacy communities, building cultural awareness amongst students, and strategies for using our grade level lists of global literature to foster interest in LCTLs at an early age.

Professional Development Webinars

Our webinars are always free to attend, and recordings are available after the live events. Many topics are selected from requests submitted on our event evaluation forms, while others are focussed on how to incorporate specific CERCLL resources into classrooms.

Language Teacher Symposium (LaTeS)

In this in-person, biannual event at the University of Arizona, award-winning educators work with K12 teachers on creating materials for use in their specific teaching contexts. Travel funding is sometimes available for educators wishing to participate in these events.

Teaching LCTLs in K-12 Schools

IN DEVELOPMENT: A guide for teachers will be available in Fall 2023, including case analyses of real classroom scenarios and toolkits for teachers, including general best practices and scenario-based strategies.