Date: April 22, 2024
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location: Center for Creative Photography, Auditorium 108

Join us for a conversation with Xuman featuring samples from his rap music and audiovisual collaborations.

Makhtar Fall, aka Gunman Xuman, is a Senegalese Hip Hop Pioneer, social justice activist, and co-host
with Keyti of Journal Rappé, an avant-garde news program rapped in French and Wolof with more than
20 million viewers on YouTube. Through innovative rap and audiovisual media, Xuman raises awareness of social, environmental, political, and cultural issues affecting Senegal, Africa, and the world. He launched as a rapper with the influential group Pee Froiss in the 90s and his talent quickly propelled him to prominence on Dakar’s vibrant rap scene. His group’s debut album Wala Wala Bok, produced by Positive Black Soul, garnered international acclaim, leading to performances at major festivals worldwide. Xuman’s solo career flourished with awards and collaborations, including projects promoting children’s rights and social justice. Collaborating with renowned artists and advocating for democratic advancement, Xuman’s legacy embodies the power of music in driving social change and global awareness.

This FREE event is cosponsored by The University of Arizona Department of Africana Studies, Applied Intercultural Arts Research, Department of French and Italian, Human Rights Practice, and CERCLL.

Makhtar Fall was a collaborator on Dr. Phyllis Taoua’s CERCLL Faculty Research Fellowship in 2023.