Date: March 9, 2018
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

The University of Arizona’s College of Education / Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies (TLS) conference in recognition of Dr. Patty Anders’ retirement on the theme of Adolescent, Family, and Community Literacy: Mobilizing Strength Based Pedagogies, invites teachers, community workers, and researchers to collaborate as a thought collective to connect theory and practice.

Current students, practicing teachers, community literacy workers and literacy researchers are invited to participate in this opportunity for researchers and scholars from across the fields and disciplines to collaborate and network with practitioners. Keynote addresses, panel sessions and breakout presentations will help to mobilize new innovative research and thinking in practice. This conference will bring community members, classroom teachers and researchers together to focus their collaborative efforts in supporting and enriching adolescent literacy and family and community literacy in honor of Dr. Patricia Anders’ contributions to the field. Dr. Catherine Compton–Lilly from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Jill Castek from the University of Arizona will deliver keynote addresses.

The conference is organized by TLS (cosponsored by CERCLL). Details will be available in the Spring.