Foreigncy is a free online language learning program offering language courses to help students and professionals reach advanced and working proficiency. Currently it offers courses in Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian. 

Foreigncy has hundreds of foreign language lessons on a diverse set of topics to help learners build a comprehensive vocabulary for professional use. It is currently used by universities, students and professionals including teachers seeking to supplement their foreign language classes with authentic content about real-world issues and events. The carefully designed courses prepare learners to read, watch and listen to real foreign language media, by focusing on topics such as politics and foreign policy, health and the environment, human rights, culture, education, and many more. Users sign up for an account, and can then filter learning materials by language, topic, and level of difficulty, to create a learning program that is applicable to their own individual contexts.

The Foreigncy site was donated to CERCLL by University of Arizona alumnus Alex Sorin, who credits the university with playing a key role in his career and language learning journey.  Alex built Foreigncy out of his passion for language learning and to provide a service for intermediate to advanced-level language learners, in a market where beginning materials were much more readily available.

Visit the Foreigncy website, to access the resources.

Learn more about Foreigncy in this short video: