Foreign Languages and the Literary in the Everyday

Project Directors: Chantelle Warner (UA), Carl Blyth (University of Texas at Austin), Joanna Luks (Cornell University).
In collaboration with: the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) at the University of Texas at Austin.

COERLL has already created the French OER Le littéraire dans le quotidien, a textbook with materials that bridge the divide between lower level language courses and upper level literature “content” courses ( This new project will create an archive of similar activities in several languages–German, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Persian—as well as create a new online environment that facilitates the creation of user-generated materials that go beyond a single author. The project will (1) create an archive of literacy-based materials that implement LITE principles (e.g., the metaphorical extension of meaning in new contexts, an emphasis on language play, the use of social reading and collaborative annotation), to include forum spaces for discussions between members of teaching communities and examples of how to integrate the materials into curricula and classroom practices (these will be updated through crowdsourced ideas found in the discussion forums); (2) tag materials with metadata such as topic, linguistic features, and proficiency level so that users can choose the activities that best suit their needs; and (3) expand the archive to include other LCTLS, for which there are often limited published teaching materials and for which the high costs of traditional textbooks are often prohibitive.