Project Directors: Liudmila Klimanova, University of Arizona; with Shannon Donnally Spasova, Michigan State University

The LLC COMMONS is a web portal prototype for open source materials for online and hybrid use, built to respond to a national survey of online course offerings nationwide in Russian and Slavic Studies. The portal features:

  • Searchable library of online authentic materials for teachers of Slavic languages (categorized per linguistic topic and level, including an internal search engine);
  • Repository of fully developed interactive online modules\activities\media quests for use in online and hybrid courses (based on several mainstream Russian textbooks for elementary and intermediate levels);
  • Interactive digital map of North America showing multimedia updatable information about Slavic departments and online course offerings (designed in Esri – ArcGIS);
  • Course registration database for Slavic and East European Languages – a dynamic database for adding information about online course offerings.

This ongoing project was funded by a CERCLL Faculty Fellow Research grant.