Dr. Beatrice Dupuy, CERCLL Co-Director, has been recognized with the University of Arizona’s Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP) Honored Faculty award!

She was nominated for this award by the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) Program for her dedication, time, and service to both SLAT and to GIDP. She served as the Chair of the GIDP Advisory Council (2018-2020) and prior to that as a member, and acted as a reviewer for various GIDP awards; she served as the Chair of SLAT (2015-2020), leading SLAT through an Academic Program Review and curriculum revision, and served on SLAT’s Executive Council for 12 years (along with several SLAT subcommittees throughout the years), she continues to teach SLAT-related courses, and has been the chair of twenty SLAT comps and dissertation committees.

The GIDPs described the awards here: Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs at the University of Arizona succeed because of the volunteer commitments of faculty who give their time, expertise, and experience to the academics and administration of these unique opportunities for students. These volunteer commitments include sitting on service committees about curricula, financing, admissions, etc., serving as GIDP reps on university wide committees like GIDPAC, Grad Council and Faculty Senate, teaching classes that serve GIDP students, supervising GIDP students in labs and teaching, participating in interdisciplinary research fostered by the GIDP, and of course mentoring and advising students in their studies. Almost all GIDP faculty participate in some important way, which is reflected by the very high standard that our GIDP programs achieve. However, there are some individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty in their service. For these unique individuals, we have created the “GIDP Honored Faculty” status.