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A Multiliteracies Framework for Collegiate Foreign Language Teaching - Kate Paesani, Heather Willis Allen, and Beatrice Dupuy. Prentice Hall. (2015).
Description: At a time when collegiate foreign language education is changing dramatically, A Multiliteracies Framework for Collegiate Foreign Language Teaching helps educators transform both the material taught in their courses and how it is taught. In response to this shifting institution, this text develops broader and more comprehensive curricula, evaluates objectives and assessments, and presents the material in a coherent manner for educators. This volume is based on CERCLL's PErCOLATE project.

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reading.jpg Reading in Asian Languages: Making Sense of Written Texts in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean - Ken Goodman, Shaomei Wang, Mieko Shimizu Iventosch, and Yetta Goodman. Routledge. (2011).
Description: Reading in Asian Languages: Making Sense of Written Texts in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean has been in its development for at least a decade. Many graduate students and faculty in reading research and Asian second language research and curriculum have helped to shape this book. In 2009, all four authors were part of a summer institute organized by CERCLL entitled Exploring Universals in the Reading Process: Applications Across Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The manuscript in its developing form was part of the curriculum.

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320.jpgFluency in Play - Ken McAllister and Judd Ruggill
Description: Fluency in Play was written to provide K-16 teachers with an introduction to designing and building computer games for the foreign language classroom. At the heart of the book is the fact that computer games make excellent teaching tools. They combine two of the fundamental processes of new language acquisition—play and exploration—with the power and pleasures of fun. Computer games are also dynamic, scalable, and ductile; they can be drawn out and shaped to fit an infinite number of classroom sizes, subjects, and settings. Computer games are thus ideal for foreign language instruction, especially when that instruction involves less commonly taught languages, which are notorious for being difficult to learn quickly and efficiently at the intermediate and advanced levels of proficiency.

Fluency in Play is meant as both an introduction and a prompt, that is, as an overview of the process of educational computer game design and a provocation to language teachers excited about the pedagogical possibilities of that process. It is not hard to envision the interesting, ground-breaking, and useful strategic language games that a little elbow grease could produce, and we hope that Fluency in Play will serve as a guiding and animating force for teachers interested in that kind of production.

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Price: $7.50 for the electronic version; $10.04 for the paperback.


ws-cover.jpg Writing Systems of the World - Timothy Vance
Description: Writing Systems of the World introduces students to the variety of writing systems that have been and are used around the world by providing a carefully designed survey of the types of diverse writing systems that different cultures have developed. This manual provides modules for Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Korean, and includes information on all the writing systems. The two primary target audiences are undergraduate and secondary-school teachers and students. Student workbook and instructor’s manual are available for purchase.

Price: Instructor Manual $30; Student Workbook $20

mp.jpgModern Persian: Written and Spoken - Intermediate Texts, Volumes I and II - Kamran Talatoff
Description: Although Persian is one of the world’s oldest languages, in its modern form it is still spoken by more than forty million people in Iran and by more than twenty million people elsewhere. These volumes provide students from beginning to intermediate levels with a mastery of modern Persian (also known as farsi) and with an understanding of colloquial Persian. The Intermediate Texts (Volumes I and II) offer extended vocabulary, grammar, and essays on aspects of Iranian culture. They expose learners to an extended vocabulary and grammatical range in both spoken and written formats, while teaching all levels of formality and informality. Both volumes are available for purchase.

Price (each volume): $42

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence - Beatrice Dupuy & Linda Waugh (Eds.)
Description: Papers selected from those presented at the 2014 conference at which the theme was Preparing and Supporting K–16 Language Teachers to Teach for Intercultural Competence in and beyond the Classroom. For the table of contents, click here [PDF].

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence - Beatrice Dupuy & Linda Waugh (Eds.)
Description: These Proceedings consist of fourteen papers from among presentations made at the 2012 conference, the theme of which was Intercultural Competence and Foreign/Second Language Immersive Environments. For the table of contents, click here [PDF].

2010-08-16_ICC_proceedings_cover.indd Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence - Beatrice Dupuy & Linda Waugh (Eds.)
Description: This volume includes twenty papers by intercultural competence scholars from Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, and the United States. Through this publication, they share their research, approaches, strategies, materials, and ideas. For the table of contents, click here.

Price: $45 each, $75 for two, $100 for all three.

ACTFL Conference rates
2014 IC Proceedings - $35
2012 IC Proceedings - $30
2010 IC Proceedings - $25
Writing Systems - $35

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