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In October 2014, CERCLL was awarded a new Title VI Language Resource Center grant for the 2014-2018 academic years. For a list of the new projects, click here.

For current and old projects, see below.

Innovative Pedagogies

Hypermedia Texts

Using Multimodal Text Annotations to Promote Cultural Literacy
Project Director: Dr. Chantelle Warner (U. Arizona).

The ability to understand a foreign language and culture on its own terms is increasingly important in our globalized era, in which meanings traffic easily but superficially. This project will create a tool that annotates traditional text with multimedia, enriching learners' understanding of both text and cultural context.

>> Learn more about the Hypermedia Texts project

Games to Teach

Developing Digital Game-Mediated Foreign Language Literacies
Project Directors: Drs. Jonathon Reinhardt (U. Arizona) and Julie Sykes (U. Oregon)

As mainstream socio-cultural practices and products, digital games are now a viable medium for foreign language instruction. The primary goal of this project is to provide educators the resources (both material and pedagogical) needed to design, implement and assess digital game-mediated learning activities.

>> Learn more about the Games to Teach project

Materials and Products

Study Abroad

The Assessment of Cultural Intelligence
Project Director: Dr. Peter Ecke (U. Arizona)

The development of “cultural intelligence” is a key outcome of study abroad programs, yet few instruments exist to assess this quality. This project will address the need for ready-to use, easily adaptable instruments and tasks to assess students’ development of cultural intelligence during study abroad.

>> Learn more about the Study Abroad project


Topic-based Modules for Preparing the Future FL Professoriate to Teach with a Multiliteracies Approach across the Undergraduate FL Curriculum
Projects Directors: Drs. Heather Allen (U. Wisconsin–Madison) and Beatrice Dupuy (U. Arizona)

Existing foreign language teacher training models focus on lower-level language acquisition, failing to prepare graduates for a world where language, literature and culture are inseparable in nature and significance. This project will develop modular, multiliteracy-based professional development framework for teaching assistants that focuses on language teaching at higher levels.

>> Learn more about the PErCOLATE project

Modern Persian Textbook Series: Advanced

Project Director: Dr. Kamran Talattof (U. Arizona)

Despite the growing popularity of Persian courses on American campuses, the instructional materials currently available are either dated or unsuitable for English-speaking second language learners. This project will produce the last two volumes in a series of six, designed to teach Persian to college students or independent learners. The new textbooks will assist FL teachers of Persian in teaching students to read, write, listen and speak at the intermediate level and provide a foundation for an increased understanding of colloquial Persian.

>> Learn more about the Modern Persian Textbook Series

Professional and Community Development

Bringing Global Cultures and World Languages into K-8 Classrooms

Project Director: Dr. Kathy Short (U. Arizona).

Only 50% of U.S. high school students study any foreign language and most K-8 students have little or no opportunities to study a language other than English or learn about a culture different from that of the U.S. This project exposes young learners to world languages and cultures by bringing an International Consultant and a Language and Culture Kit into K-8 schools, encouraging language exploration and benefiting both students and educators.

>> Learn more about the Bringing Global Cultures and World Languages into K-8 Classrooms project

K-16 Initiatives

Professional Development for Foreign Language Educators
Project Director: Dr. Linda R. Waugh (U. Arizona)

This project responds directly to the needs of K-16 language educators, as assessed by a survey previously developed and administered by CERCLL. Educators will be empowered to explore new, different and often technology-enhanced approaches to teaching language and culture. CERCLL will offer workshops at the University of Arizona during the academic year, as well as in-service workshops at local and regional schools, and an annual 2-week summer workshop series.

>> Learn more about the K-16 Initiatives project, and access archived professional development materials from past workshops

Conferences, Roundtables and Colloquia

Digital Literacies Symposium

Digital Literacies in and beyond the Classroom: A Hybrid Symposium on Research and Practice
Project Coordinators: Drs. Jonathon Reinhardt (U. Arizona) and Chantelle Warner (U. Arizona)

Sharing practices is crucial to the continuing development of established fields, and critical to the growth of new fields. As a culmination of and extension to the CERCLL Games to Teach project, a hybrid symposium, both real and virtual, will be held in Fall 2014.

>> Learn more about the Digital Literacies symposium

Intercultural Competence Conference

International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence
Project Directors: Drs. Beatrice Dupuy and Linda Waugh (U. Arizona)

In 2008, CERCLL initiated a biennial series of conferences intended to enhance teachers' intercultural effectiveness in the classroom as they prepare students to become interculturally competent global citizens. The four-day events include regular sessions as well as pre- and post-conference workshops that allow participants the opportunity to engage in practical experiences directly relevant to their classrooms.