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  • LaTeS: CERCLL's Language Teacher Symposium is presented on October 3rd, 2015, by Nicole Naditz, ACTFL's language teacher of the year. See full details and register for this professional development event.
  • Proposals were submitted for the 2016 Intercultural Competence Conference–with keynote presenter Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki)–in June, 2015. See the full CFP for papers, symposia, posters and workshops and other details about the conference here.
  • CERCLL and the Arizona Arabic Flagship were awarded a Flagship Teacher Training Workshop grant for workshops presented May 26 - June 5, 2015, on Innovative Technologies for Advanced Language and Cultural Learning. See the details here.
  • A new CERCLL publication was released in January. A Multiliteracies Framework for Collegiate Foreign Language Teaching, authored by Kate Paesani, Heather Willis Allen, and Beatrice Dupuy, is based on CERCLL's PErCOLATE project. Purchase it here.
  • CERCLL's Digital Literacies in and beyond the L2 Classroom Symposium took place October 6-11, 2014, online and in Tucson. The symposium website–with archived posters–can be viewed here. Videos are now available from the in-person portion of the Digital Literacies Symposium as well, including Richard Kern's keynote presentation, a series of roundtable presentations, and an update on the state of the digital literacies field. Access them here.
  • CERCLL was recently awarded four more years of funding as a Language Resource Center (LRC) by the U.S. Department of Education, with activities planned through 2018. For a short description of each of the new projects, click here. See what CERCLL and the other fourteen LRCs have produced in recent years here.