Games for Literacies

Project Director: Jonathon Reinhardt (UA)

This project builds on the successes of CERCLL’s “Games to Learn” (G2L) project in 2006-2010 (the publication for this project is on this page), and “Games to Teach” project (G2T) in 2010-2014 (the blog and materials are linked here; CERCLL will work with the Center for Applied Second Language Studies [CASLS] to update and maintain the G2T project site in the coming years). The new “Games For Literacies” (G4L) project aims to provide key resources that educators need to develop the skills previously outlined. Three manuals will be created on (1) gamification, offering educators a principled approach to developing and implementing gameful features in their own FL instruction and assessment, (2) game development, exploring several commercially available applications that may be used by teachers and/or students to develop basic digital games for FL learning, like Quest, Gamemaker, Scratch, Layar, and ARIS, and (3) a second edition of the manual on game-enhanced FL learning developed for the G2T project (already piloted in 2014, and to be published in final form in 2015), with the 2nd edition reflecting new technological developments and the game literacies framework. In addition, CERCLL will continue its popular summer workshops—and add webinars—on teaching with games for foreign language literacy.