CERCLL Faculty Research Fellow Application Information

Applications for the 2021 competition were due March 8, 2021.


The CERCLL Faculty Fellows program promotes scholarly work connected to the mission of CERCLL as a Title VI National Language Resource Center, namely to research and develop the teaching of culture, language and literacy, especially within less commonly taught languages (LCTLs). See abstracts and materials created by the awardees in 20162017, 2018, and 2019, and abstracts for the 2020 fellows.

These awards provide up to $5,000 to tenured/tenure-eligible and career-track faculty at the University of Arizona. Postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and emeritae faculty are not eligible to apply. In 2021, we particularly invite proposals focused upon research related to social justice and diversity, multimodal pedagogies, and teaching for interculturality, especially projects which can lead to a scholarly publication or a bigger grant proposal. However, other projects will be considered as well.

Funds may be used for most justifiable purposes excluding faculty salary/supplemental compensation, travel not associated with the execution of the project, and course-related expenses. Some of the funding must be applied to work by University of Arizona students. See the budget section of “Application Requirements” (below) for more information. Please also refer to the University of Arizona’s guidelines in relation to COVID-19 with respect to the nature of proposed work and travel.

2021 Research Fellows will create two resources that will be shared within the CERCLL community and on our website, and make one campus presentation:

  1. Either (a) sample classroom materials based on their project, or (b) a white paper or teacher manual, and
  2. A 10-minute webinar: for those who elect 1a, above, the webinar will focus on explaining the grounding of the materials and how to implement them; for those who elect 1b, above, the webinar would be similar to one produced by CERCLL Co-Directors Beatrice Dupuy and Chantelle Warner for their paper published in Foreign Language Annals.

The application deadline for awards to be made for work taking place in Summer 2021 is March 8, 2021.

The complete application guidelines for 2021 awards are below.

Contact CERCLL with questions: cercll@email.arizona.edu.

These grants are supported in part, by funding from the College of Humanities.


Application Requirements


This is a four-part application that should include (1) general information, (2) the project proposal (1 and 2 in Word please), (3) a budget with justification, and (4) a 3-page CV. These files should be attached to an email and submitted to cercll@email.arizona.edu by the March 8th deadline.



1. General Information


This section should include:

  • Applicant Information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Position Title, Phone Number, Department Name
  • Proposal Title: A brief descriptive title, not to exceed 10 words.
  • Requested Amount: The maximum amount that can be requested is $5,000.




2. Project Proposal


Please include:

  • Abstract: This section should be a summary of what you intend to do, how you intend to do it, and why it is important. The abstract length should not exceed 150 words.
  • Project Description (2 pages maximum): This section should provide background information (e.g., why is your work important and what contributions will it make to your field?); an explanation for how it relates to CERCLL’s mission; a description of the work you intend to do including your objectives and their significance, with details about what you have accomplished in this area so far, if applicable; details about the methods you will employ to achieve your goals; a description of the impact you expect your project to make on the field and how you will measure that impact; and an explanation for how this grant would help you to obtain additional external funding (if applicable). Please also include any information about how this project will contribute to the mission of CERCLL and the University of Arizona, as well as your own professional goals.
  • You can also include a budget narrative in this section (not more than 300 words) explaining how the funds will be used. If your department or other sources will provide a match to the Faculty Research Grant, please indicate that here.




3. Budget


Funding for awards made for Summer 2021 should be spent by August 31, 2021. Before submitting your proposal, please seek help from a Business Manager in your area to help with your budget and justification to make sure it adheres to University of Arizona policies.

Please ask for funds necessary to complete the project within the period of the grant (May 24 – August 31, 2021). Allowable expenditures include research-related travel (but bear in mind that you will need to have out of state travel authorized by the UA, and this may not be possible with COVID-19 restrictions), lodging and per diem (if an integral part of the project objectives); software; research supplies including equipment specifically for your project; archival/database fees; participant stipends; payment of consultants and research assistance (such as short-term hourly student wages). Unallowable expenditures include, but are not limited to, travel to conferences, faculty salaries, the purchase of general-purpose equipment, costs of curriculum development or work that is part of a scheduled course, and costs incurred prior to the award period.

Use the the budget form prepared for this application, requesting the amounts in the boxes provided and entering additional lines in the justification as needed. A figure must be entered in each box in the budget, even if you are not requesting anything in each category (in which case enter “0”.) If you are requesting funding for a category that is not listed, enter your amount in the box titled “Other”.

Wages & ERE: Enter the total amount of student wages + ERE (employee-related expenses). Current ERE rates for the 2020-2021 academic year can be found at the link on this page. (Rates for next year have not yet been published.) At least a portion of your budget must be allocated towards student work on your project, however CERCLL Research grants cannot be used to fund faculty salary or supplemental compensation. The budget justification should briefly describe what the student(s) will be doing, and itemize their wages and ERE (e.g., 1 student at 10 hours/week for 5 weeks @ $15/hour = $750 + $16.55 (2.2% ERE) = $766.55).

Travel and Lodging: Enter the total amount of travel/lodging costs (but please minimize these, since travel may not be authorized at the moment because of COVID-19). Any travel/lodging requested must be integral to the project. Mileage reimbursement and travel costs should be at the University of Arizona rates (mileage is currently 44.5 cents/mile; for information about lodging and per diem, click here).


  • See above for allowable and unallowable operational expenses.
  • Participants/Subjects Payments: If the project requires the use of human subjects, enter total amount to be paid to subjects; include an itemized breakdown of the payments in the budget justification.
  • Consultant fees: Must be described in the budget justification, including the identity of the consultant, the reason that individual is required for the project, and an explanation for the amount of the fee required (including, for example, how much time they will contribute to the project or how many times they will be consulted).
  • Other: Amount budgeted for all other purposes not listed in the budget categories provided. The total amount must be itemized in the Budget Justification area. Equipment specific to the project is allowable in this section, however, requests cannot be made for computers and printers, etc, that faculty normally already have.

Budget Justification

To help reviewers understand your budget needs please explain each part of the budget request and state why it’s needed. You may wish to provide subcategories, especially if they represent a large part of your expenses. See the example budget and justification for details about the kinds of information required.




4. Brief CV


Please include a CV (3 pages maximum) with your application materials.