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  • CERCLL was recently awarded four more years of funding as a Language Resource Center (LRC) by the U.S. Department of Education. See what CERCLL and the other fourteen LRCs have produced in recent years here.
  • CERCLL's Digital Literacies in and beyond the L2 Classroom Symposium takes place October 6-11, online and in Tucson. Abstracts for in-person presentations and online posters are here. If you aren't sure what Digital Literacies are, watch the video prepared by Jonathon Reinhardt, a symposium organizer.
  • A recent UA's Linguistics symposium was about the National Science Foundation grant from the Cyberlearning: Transforming Education program that CERCLL received in 2013. Jon Reinhardt spoke about the digital materials produced by the project in “Augmented Reality Mobile Games for Language Learning and Revitalization”. Access the presentation here. (A closed symposium for Native American educators took place in November last year and was followed by a workshop on the Fort Mohave reservation on the CA/AZ border in February, 2014, while CERCLL's June 7th workshop also covered some of the topics of this project; there was a presentation in AILDI's summer series as well.) See CERCLL's blog entry on the grant for more details about the project.
  • CERCLL began partnerships with the Confucius Institute and the Arabic Flagship program at the University of Arizona last year. Click here to see details. Future events will be announced soon.