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Sixth International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence

Intercultural Competence and Mobility: Virtual and Physical

Scientific Committee

Submitted proposals reviewed by:

• Julie Belz (Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis)
• Teresa Catalano (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
• Wenhao Diao (University of Arizona)
• Sébastien Dubreil (Carnegie Mellon University)
• Isabelle Drewelow (University of Alabama)
• Beatrice Dupuy (University of Arizona)
• Peter Ecke (University of Arizona)
• Alvino Fantini (SIT Graduate Institute)
• Julieta Fernandez (University of Arizona)
• Christina Frei (University of Pennsylvania)
• Sarah Guth (University of Padova)
• Janice McGregor (Kansas State University)
• Kristen Michelson (Texas Tech University)
• Elyse Petit (University of Arizona)
• Diane Richardson (US Military Academy West Point)
• Emma Trentman (University of New Mexico)
• Nelleke Van Deusen Scholl (Yale University)
• Chantelle Warner (University of Arizona)
• Heather Willis Allen (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Organizing Committee

• Beatrice Dupuy (University of Arizona)
• Kate Mackay (University of Arizona)
• Jacob Monzingo (University of Arizona)
• Chantelle Warner (University of Arizona)