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Workshops are on January 21st and 24th. Find them here.

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Schedule of Presentations

For a one-page PDF of the conference schedule, with room assignments and including refreshment and other breaks, click here.

The full program for the conference is available for download here [PDF].

Friday January 22nd

9-11 am, Sessions 1-4

Session 1, Javelina Room

Chantal Crozet (RMIT University School of Global, Urban and Social Studies), Politicizing Intercultural LanguageTeaching

Carl Blyth (University of Texas at Austin) and Dale Koike (University of Texas at Austin), Learner Self-Awareness and Intercultural Communication: A Metapragmatic Approach

Anna-Leena Riitaoja (University of Helsinki), Intersectionality as a Tool for Intercultural Communication and Competence

Friederike Fichtner (Washington University in St. Louis), Challenges to the Teachability of Intercultural Competence

Session 2, Quail Room

Melody Buckner (University of Arizona), Digital Storytelling for Assessing Study Abroad Students

Peter Ecke (University of Arizona), The Long-term Evaluation of a Study Abroad Program

Kristin Lange (University of Arizona), Building Bridges: Connecting the Classroom and Short-Stay Intensive Study Abroad

Montserrat Mir (Illinois State University), Qué guay! Developing Pragmatic and Intercultural Competence Abroad

Session 3, Coyote Room

Carla Ghanem (Arizona State University), Developing Intercultural Competence in One Semester: Possible or Not?

Gloria Gil (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina), Constructing Cultural and Intercultural Episodes in the Additional Language Classroom

Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan (University of New Mexico), Intercultural Rhetoric in Foreign Language Learning: Theory and Application

Carmen King de Ramirez (University of Arizona), Cultural Intelligence & Language Specific Purposes Curricula

Session 4/Symposium, Palm Room

Exploring Interculturality Beyond (Disciplinary) Boundaries: Theory, Practice, Pedagogy Revisited

Vladimir Zegarac, (University of Bedfordshire, UK and ENIEDA Network), Culture-specific Heuristics and Pragmatic Competence

Zohreh Eslami (Texas A & M University and ENIEDA Network), Corporate Apologies: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Cross-cultural Differences

Monika Kopytowska (University of Lodz and ENIEDA Network), News Media Literacy and Intercultural Competence

Svetlana Kurtes (The European Network for Intercultural Education Activities (ENIEDA)), Identity and Interculturality in the Classroom: Going Beyond Skills and Knowledge

11:15 am-12:15 pm, Keynote Presentation, Sonoran Ballroom

Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki, Finland), Intercultural Competence Beyond Orthodoxies

Download Dr. Dervin's presentation slides here [PDF]

2-4 pm, Sessions 5-8

Session 5, Javelina Room

Glenn Levine (University of California, Irvine), The Conundrum of Intercultural Communicative Competence, Language Pedagogy, and Assessment

Nicholas Ferdinandt (University of Arizona), Engaging Language Teachers in Intercultural Competence Development: Practice to Outcomes

Netta Avineri (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey), Nested Interculturality, Multiple Knowledges, and Situated Identities through Service-Learning in Language Education

Laura Carreño Bolívar (Universidad de La Sabana), Why Interculturality? The Importance of Intercultural Competences in Higher Education

Session 6, Quail Room

Michelle Pasterick (Pennsylvania State University), Focusing Mediation to Foster Students’ Intercultural Development during Study Abroad

Kacy Peckenpaugh (Weber State University), Pre-Study Abroad Intercultural Preparation: Examining Shifting Frames of Reference

Jeffrey Watson (U.S. Military Academy) and Richard L. Wolfel (U.S. Military Academy), The Effect of Multicultural Personality Variables on Study Abroad Outcomes
Download Watson and Wolfel's Slides

Session 7, Coyote Room

Uwe Baumann (The Open University), Researching Along (Inter)cultural Fault Lines - the Experiences of International Research Students and Supervisors in a UK University

Adnan Yilmaz (University of Arizona), Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Study of Turkish International Graduate Students

Aki Nishihara (Hokusei Gakuen University) and Robert Gettings (Hokusei Gakuen University), Citizenship Education in the UK, Intercultural Training, and Intercultural Competence

Session 8/Symposium, Palm Room

Developing and Measuring Arabic ICC: Study Abroad and At-Home Programs

Riyad Alhomsi (University of Arizona), Technology Integration to Foster Students’ ICC and Increase Motivation

Charles Joukhadar (University of Arizona), Building Intercultural Competence through Linguistic Landscapes and Film Clips

Sonia Shiri (University of Arizona), Measuring Short-term Study Abroad Impact: ICC Development and Maintenance

4:15-6:15 pm, Sessions 9-12

Session 9, Javelina Room

Neil Johnson (Kanda University of International Studies), Understanding Language and Culture through Multimodal Text Analysis

Kristen Michelson (University of Oklahoma), Culture-teaching as a Relational Process Through a Multiliteracies-based Global Simulation

Diane Richardson (University of Arizona) and Lydia Heiss (University of Arizona), A Multimodal Approach to Literature and Interculturality in the L2-Classroom
Download Richardson and Heiss' Slides

Isabelle Drewelow (University of Alabama), Cultural Interplay: Engaging Cultural Sensitivity through Intercultural Explorations
Download Drewelow's Slides
Download Drewelow's Handout

Session 10, Quail Room

Angela Borchert (Western Ontario University), E-Portfolio Practices: Developing Criteria to Connect Curriculum and Community

Maria Brau (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Skill Level Descriptions for Competence in Intercultural Communication

Natalia Balyasnikova (University of British Columbia), Critical Dimensions of Intercultural Communication: Moving Beyond Theories, Enhancing Practice

Matthias Fingerhuth (University of Texas at Austin) and John Benjamin (University of Texas at Austin), Building Bildung: Transcultural Scaffolding in L2 Instruction

Session 11, Coyote Room

Tessa Enright (Arizona State University) and Carla Ghanem (Arizona State University), New Direction: Using Comics to Enhance Intercultural Competence

Brian Hibbs (Dalton State College), Assessing the Impact of Children’s Literature on Students’ Intercultural Growth
Download Hibbs's Slides

Teresa Gimenez (University of Pennsylvania), Culture Learning Processes in the Museum

Hild Elisabeth Hoff (University of Bergen), Intercultural Communication with Texts: a Model for Analysing Reading Processes
Download Hoff's Slides
Download Hoff's Handout

Session 12/Panel, Palm Room

Models in Mobility: Partnerships, Engagement, and Service Learning in the Pursuit of Intercultural Competency

Panel discussion from The Office of Global Initiatives at the University of Arizona on the theme of innovations in program development and assessment in response to forces of internationalization in higher education.

Download the Symposium Slides here

Panel Host and Moderator: Dale LaFleur (Director of Institutional Relations, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Arizona)

Harmony DeFazio (Director of Study Abroad and Student Exchange, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Arizona)

Melody Buckner (Director of Digital Learning Initiatives and Online Education, University of Arizona)

Ash Scheder Black (Director of Technology, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Arizona)

Tom Wilson (Associate Professor of Practice; Soil, Water and Environmental Science, University of Arizona)

Saturday January 23rd

9-10 am, Plenary Presentation, Sonoran Ballroom

Paige Ware (Southern Methodist University), Intercultural Competence Inside Digital Contact Zones: Spaces of Reification, Negotiation, and Suspense

10:30 am-12:30 pm, Sessions 13-16

Session 13/Symposium, Javelina Room

Exploring Alternative Approaches in the Assessment of Intercultural Language Learning and Communication

Adriana Diaz (University of Queensland), Unlearning Assessment Practices in Intercultural Language Learning
Download Diaz's slides

Lynne Díaz-Rico (California State University, San Bernardino), Mapping the Sociocognition of ILLC Curricula and Assessment

Michelle Kohler (Flinders University & Research Centre for Languages and Cultures at the University of South Australia), Reframing Assessment for Intercultural Language Learning: a Schooling Perspective

Session 14, Quail Room

Jessie Curtis (Rutgers University) and Christelle Palpacuer Lee (Rutgers University), Negotiating Intercultural Encounters in a Community-Based Teacher Education Program
Download Curtis and Palpacuer Lee's Slides

Ina-Lotte Dühring (University of Mannheim), State of the Art – Intercultural Competence in Germany’s Teacher Education
Download Dühring's Slides

Margarita Jimenez-Silva (Arizona State University), Laura Gomez (Arizona State University), Monique Franco (Arizona State University) and Nayely Sanchez-Hernandez (Arizona State University), Rethinking The Meaning of Intercultural Competence When Preparing Future Teachers
Download Jimenez-Silva, Gomez, Franco, Sanchez-Hernandez's Slides

Session 15, Coyote Room

Marianne Jacquet (Simon Fraser University), Le Développement des Compétences Interculturelles des Enseignants à Travers L’utilisation du Récit de Pratique Réflexif

Paola Andrea Gamboa Diaz-Bourrois (DILTEC - Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-France, CIFE- Universidad de Los Andes-Colombia), Intercultural Dimension of Foreign/Second Language Learning and Teaching: Comparative Approaches

Wendy Bokhorst-Heng (Crandall University) and Kelle Keating Marshall (Pepperdine University), “Step Away from the Culture”: Paradoxes in Canadian French Immersion
Download Bokhorst-Heng and Keating Marshall's Slides
Download Bokhorst-Heng and Keating Marshall's Handout

Session 16/Symposium, Desert Room

Study Abroad in the Twenty-first Century

Tim Wolcott (San Francisco State University), Study Abroad in the Twenty-first Century: An Introduction

Janice McGregor (Kansas State University), Language Learning and Desire in Twenty-first Century Study Abroad

Wenhao Diao (University of Arizona) and Emma Trentman (University of Arizona), American Study Abroad in Egypt and China: A Politicized Event

Rachel Shively (Illinois State University), Orientation to Learning in Everyday Conversation during Study Abroad

12:30-2 pm, Brownbag Roundtable Sessions, Palm Room

Christina Frei (University of Pennsylvania) and Bridget Swanson (University of Pennsylvania), Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning: The First-Year Cornerstone

Mascha N. Gemein (University of Arizona) and Sumayya KR Granger (University of Arizona), Intercultural (Teaching) Competence from a Universal Design Perspective

Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl (Yale University), Stéphane Charitos (Columbia University) and Dick Feldman (Cornell University), Implementing a Shared Course Model for the LCTL

1:30-2:30 pm, Poster Sessions, Mesa Room

Friederike Fichtner (Washington University in St. Louis), Learners’ Perspectives of the Translatability of Culturally Connoted Expressions

Margarita Jimenez-Silva (Arizona State University), Wendy Oakes (Arizona State University), Lauren Davis (Arizona State University) and Jennifer Casas (Arizona State University)The Role of Intercultural Competence In Preparing Early Childhood Special Education Scholars

BethAnne Paulsrud (Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University, Sweden), From Policy to Practice: Intercultural Competence in Swedish Teacher Education

D. R. Randsell (University of Arizona), Studying Abroad with Edward T. Hall

Melanie Vachon (Quebec University in Montreal (UQAM)), Intercultural Competence in Refugee Mental Health: A Collaborative Care Model

Fei Wang (Anhui Normal University), Teaching Chinese in the Deep South: A Sojourner’s Intercultural Adaptation

2:30-4:30 pm, Sessions 17-20

Session 17/Symposium, Javelina Room

Towards Intercultural Practices in Language Teacher Education

Erin Kearney (State University of New York at Buffalo), Modern and Late-Modern Tensions in the Talk and Work of Language Teacher Educators

Christelle Palpacuer Lee (Rutgers University), Decentering the Gaze: An Intercultural Stance at the Art Museum

Theresa Catalano (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Moving Bodies and Minds: Dance and the Development of Interculturality

Kristin Hoyt (Kennesaw State University), Exploring Interculturality Development in Candidates’ Narrative Writing with Instructor Mediation

Session 18, Quail Room

Margaret Alvarado (Arizona State University), Tweeting and Blogging with Spanish Learners: a Bridging Activities Project

Karim Ibrahim (University of Arizona), Intercultural Interactions in Digital Games

Lara Lomicka (University of South Carolina) and Lara Ducate (University of South Carolina), Using MALL and the LESCANT Model to Promote Intercultural Awareness
Download Lomicka and Ducate's Slides

John Viafara (Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia), Self-perceived (non) Nativeness in Internet Mediated Intercultural Foreign Language Education

Session 19, Coyote Room

Helene Zumbihl (Université de Lorraine), Empathy and Intercultural Communicative Competence, an Interdisciplinary Study

Michiko Uryu (Wayne State University), Assessment of Transcultural Competence: Imagining “The Unimaginable”

Steve Daniel Przymus (University of Arizona), How to Avoid Intercultural Clashes in CALL's Fourth Phase

Catherine Matsuo (Fukuoka University), Analysis of Dialogic Classroom Discourse: Knowledge Building and Intercultural Ethics

Session 20/Symposium, Desert Room

On the Road to Intercultural Competence: Immersion Abroad for Teachers

Elizabeth Smolcic (Pennsylvania State University), John Katunich (Pennsylvania State University), Teacher Immersion Abroad: Programmatic and Contextual Elements Mediating Learning

Nicole Webster (Pennsylvania State University) and Michelle Pasterick (Pennsylvania State University), Teachers' Discoveries of Their Cultural Realities and Realms

Daniela Martin (Pennsylvania State University) and May Lee (Pennsylvania State University), The Global Perspective Inventory as a Measure for Teacher Education Abroad

4:45-5:45 pm, Plenary Presentation, Sonoran Ballroom

Dwight Atkinson (University of Arizona, USA), IC from the Side: Expanding the “Cultural” in Intercultural Competence

Download Dr. Atkinson's presentation slides here [PDF]

Virtual Presentations

Virtual presentations will be available via the conference website so that all the conference attendees will have access to them during and after the event. The preferred format for virtual presentations is a slideshow presentation with audio annotation, no more than 25 minutes long. Multimedia and creative modes of presentation are encouraged.

Amani Alageel (University of Arizona), Language Practices, Transcultural Identity, and Negotiating Membership in Social MediaWatch Amani Alageel's presentation

Maria del Carmen Arau Ribiero (Instituto Politécnico da Guarda), Finding the (Inner) Interculturality of the (Seemingly) Monocultural

Adriana Brandt (Dixie State University), Between and Beyond the Lines: Interculturality in STARTALK Student ProgramsWatch Adriana Brandt's presentation

Gael Fonken (St Cloud State University and St. Cloud Technical College), Tematización [theme-building] “In the Wild”: YouTube Cinema and Audience Engagement

Gina Ioannitou (Universite du Maine), Multiliteracies and Intercultural Experience of International Students

Hye-Yeon Lim (Defense Language Institute) and W. I. Griffith (Defense Language Institute), Developing Intercultural Communication Competency in Foreign Language LearningClick here to view their presentation, please download it for the accompanying audio

Margarida Morgado (Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco), Kay Livingstone (University of Glasgow), and María del Carmen Arau Ribeiro (Instituto Politécnico da Guarda), Lessons Learned: Intercultural Education through Children’s Fiction and Picture BooksWatch their presentation here

Elba S. Ramirez (University of Auckland), An Intercultural Communicative Teaching Lens on Language Teachers’ PracticesWatch Elba Ramirez's presentation here

Paola Rivieccio (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle), The Autobiographies of Intercultural Encounter: a Co-Constructed Account of International RelationshipsWatch Paola Rivieccio's presentation here

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