Two summer series–Literacy in the Wild: Getting Foreign Language Learners out of the Classroom and into the World (June 4-8) and Reading Globally: Critical Issues in Global Literature for Children and Adolescents (June 25-27). More details and registration information will be online in the Spring.


Literacy in the Wild: Getting Foreign Language Learners out of the Classroom and into the World, June 4-8, 2018

By developing literacy in a foreign language and culture, learners can ideally gain the ability to encounter not only new words but also new physical, virtual, and imagined worlds (Kern, 2000). But sometimes the four walls of the classroom feel confining and it can be difficult to reconcile pedagogical imperatives to bring in authentic texts with the active involvement of experiential learning. This one-week workshop series explores strategies for connecting foreign language literacy with the “wild” (Thorne, 2010), that is with real-world contexts of use.

  • June 4-5: David Malinowksi (Yale University), Bridging Classroom and Community with Linguistic and Literary Landscapes
  • June 6-7: Chantelle Warner (University of Arizona), Foreign Languages and Literacies at the Museum
  • June 8: Lawrence Williams (University of North Texas), Digital Tools and Digital Literacies for Exploring Virtual World

Reading Globally: Critical Issues in Global Literature for Children and Adolescents

June 25-27: Kathy Short (University of Arizona) with experts and authors in global literature.

We live in a world where our lives are interconnected in complex ways across global cultures as well as fractured with tensions that divide us. Global children’s literature provides one means of facilitating intercultural understanding, but issues of availability, access, authenticity, and classroom use must be addressed for this potential to be realized. In this institute, participants will explore current trends in global literature for children and adolescents, examine critical issues and approaches to analyzing these books, and experience strategies for critically engaging with global literature. Participants will use the Worlds of Words collection ( to be immersed in a wealth of global literature as well as to delve deeply into key books to develop critical understandings and to consider how to invite students into a critical reading of the word. An additional component will be interactions that pair classic, well-known texts often used in elementary and secondary classrooms with global children’s and adolescent literature to expand the curriculum and include global perspectives.

All workshops take place on the University of Arizona campus from 9 am to 4 pm each day. Continuing Education Certificates are provided after each workshop–6 hours each day.